Our efforts to increase sales opportunities in the real estate industry. Thanks to technology and marketing abilities, we have become in a short time leader.

Recent research shows that customers expect from real estate agencies much more than before. On this state of the real estate industry perception is influenced by factors allow for greater flexibility in the management of these services.

Great aspirations, that effective action

More and more customers observes that in order to succeed in advertising and promotion of real estate and preferred to sell or buy, you must take advantage of new marketing areas. That is why our offer we relied on three stable pillars:


All offers surrender verification process. Expect a visit from a broker and photographer. After a positive opinion from the application, we proceed to prepare advertising materials.


We prepare high quality advertising materials. Nobody will give you such a favorable offer. We work with a professional photographer, so excellent image quality is an asset to all our offers. Note that the photos represent extraordinary qualities of the premises in such a magical way that the customer can immediately say: Yes, I like it. In this room I and my family would feel perfectly.

The huge number of visitors also raises virtual visits 360/180. Without any obstacles you distance to walk around the selected location.

In addition, we also provide video presentations made to the drone in HD, posted on YouTube, and industry portals. They are a huge help for viewing the gallery and allow for convenient read the entire photographic documentation.

Unrivaled support for buying and selling

The digital world is just as real as the real world. We offer a wide selection of beautiful location. We make our clients gain invaluable assistance in the field of favorable buying or selling real estate reported to us.

EveHouse, perfect for everyone!




Properties for sale and rent

Support and reliable help broker is the guarantor of successful investment. Sell ​​the benefits, buy with confidence.

Properties for sale and rent

Excellent quality promotional materials: video presentations of drone HD and virtual visits 360/180. Check how to impress potential buyers.

Properties for sale and rent

Professional photographic documentation. Produce in the imagination of the recipient experience of excitement and attractiveness of the offer.

Properties for sale and rent

Support at every stage of sales and promotional activities. Sell ​​quickly and effectively!