Success in mediation and sales experience and skills!

We believe that talent negotiation and modern technology, favorable real estate market.

In HomeBest we know what actions make sense, what solutions benefit. Implementation of modern visual solutions conducive to our unrivaled

The success of the placement and sale of real estate investments are successful, satisfied customers, strengthening its position in the market and the desire to improve solutions that are successful in the real estate industry.

For whom are dedicated to our services

Regardless of whether you want to sell or buy a property, please contact us. If you want to increase the effectiveness of the transaction, only HomeBest meet any challenge.

What will benefit the customer, commissioned us to launch promotional activities with a view to the sale of land or property

All clients provide mediation services for sales and assistance in preparing favorable in the receipt of advertising materials.

How HomeBest provides high quality promotional materials

We work with a professional photographer, so excellent image quality is an asset to all our offers. Note that the photos represent extraordinary qualities of the premises in such a magical way that the customer can immediately say: Yes, I like it. In this room I and my family would feel perfectly.

The huge number of visitors also raises virtual visits 360/180. Without any obstacles you distance to walk around your chosen property

In addition, we also provide video presentations made to the drone in HD, posted on YouTube, and industry portals. They are a huge help for viewing the gallery and allow for convenient read the entire photographic documentation.

What are the benefits of using modern visual solutions

Viewership of this type of materials is dozens of times greater than traditional media, containing only information. This strategy translates into faster implementation of the transaction. Featured in such a way announcement, not only gaining prestige and recognition among viewers offer, especially for very expensive objects, but quickly finds a buyer.

What are guided by customers choosing property ?

The location, condition of the property, price, attractiveness of the offer – a few key elements that take into account the potential buyers. Why not facilitate their choice? Our presentations work on the imagination of potential customers and are available on devices, PC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Unlimited possibilities reception!

If you apply exclusively to Us real estate, brokerage and provide you with the best package of advertising solutions. Free prepare a presentation in the form of a virtual visit, we will do a video of the drone and do a photo session for your property. This is the best advertisement for demanding customers. Feel free to contact, we will provide expert advice on the legislative level as well as in the preparation of tenders to promote industry portals related to the real estate market.

                   HomeBest, a new vision, a comprehensive help!